Past Trips

Peter Bakwin and Mike Priddy have attempted to backpack the Nolans route a few times. Peter’s trip reports can be read here and Mike’s report is here. These trip reports do highlight the need for Plan B’s, and good beta on how to bail/skip mountains. It’s a tough line, fast or slow!

Peak Conditions

Many of the turn-by-turn route descriptions from are linked to in this guide, when the route uses the established 14er standard routes. also has a section for peak conditions, which you can use to get an idea on what to expect yourself. You’ll be most interested in the conditions of the Sawatch group.

Related Guides

Also see my guide on accessing the 14ers that are close (enough) to the Colorado Trail, many of the routes which share what you would do in Nolans/Slow-lans.

Comparisons to Other Routes

Samuel Chaneles has a comparison between the Nolans and Pfiffner lines, to get a better idea of what’s in store for you.