Huron Peak to La Plata Peak
Huron Peak to La Plata Peak PDF
Huron Peak to La Plata Peak Profile
Huron Peak to La Plata Peak Profile

Take a breather! This segment is all on well-maintained trails and 4WD tracks.

Nolan’s 14 Line Stats

  • 10.81 miles
  • +4180′
  • -3836′

Nolan’s 14 Line

From the summit of Huron Peak, descend via the standard route west. Jog east down Chaffee County 390 until right after the Winfield townsite, then take Chaffee County 390.A west towards the Winfield Cemetery and the La Plata South TH. Take the La Plata Southwest Ridge route ( description) to the summit.

Slowlans Alternative





From the summit of Huron Peak, take the standard route down, then continue east on Chaffee County 390 for as far as you need to.


Once on Chaffee County 390, take the road east to Sheep Gulch and take that trail north up and over Hope Pass (38.99481,-106.40392). Descend the other side north until the trail split to the Parry Peak trailhead (39.05583,-106.38875). Take the trail split northwest to the trailhead itself. Take CO 82 (paved road) west to the road at the start of Echo Canyon (39.07130,-106.46966). Rejoin the main Nolan’s 14 route here.

If you are planning on taking the Slowlans Alternative after skipping La Plata Peak, continue on the Colorado Trail at the trail junction on the north side of Hope Pass. Take one of the many routes up Mt. Elbert from the Colorado Trail. We’ll use the South Mount Elbert Trail in the next segment for our Slowlans Alternative, but other options do exist.

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